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MUCE - first pop up museum in Circularity

From October 1 to October 30 - Huidevetterstraat 55, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

MUCE is the world's first Museum of Circular Economy! And it's opening its doors on October 1st 2022!

An alternative way of life

"We want to inspire, connect and activate citizens, organizations and businesses about the circular economy.”

For MUCE, circular economy is not only an alternative economy but also an alternative way of life. They want to showcase that it's much more than mere recycling. MUCE is guided by nature, regenerative growth, social inclusion and so much more.

MUCE mission statement:

Showing the fun & easy side of sustainability

Fascinated by circular economy and Wild awake from Climate Change

Founding mother and eco-warrior Nina Maat curated an exciting exhibition of the versatility that exists in building a more #sustainable future. Of course she didn’t do that by herself, she gathered renowned artists, research centres and experts to make a visualization of #regeneration, #sustainability and #circulareconomy.

Her model:

We can only support this cause and urge you to go visit MUCE, from October 1st – October 30th,Huidevetterstraat 55, 2000 Antwerp. And yes, you can pay with empty batteries ;)

We also conduct an event at MUCE. On October 13 you can join or keynote and round table with Nina. Subscribe here.

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