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Location to visit: SHEDIDIT Hub

A shop that revolves around women empowerment, being a safe space and entrepreneurship? A dream? Nope, the SHEDIDIT Hub in Statiestraat 136 in Antwerp has it all!
The non-profit organization supports young girls and women of diverse background in their entrepreneurial journey with workshops about business planning, finance, marketing- and sales, etc,… in short: preparing them for entrepreneurship. And with success, they supported more than 300 young women with entrepreneurship, and they keep growing.


"A local shared concept store that welcomes womentrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds”

As a cherry on top of the cake, they recently opened “THE HUB”, a shop where their entrepreneurs can set up and sell their products and services for 2 months, after this period they rotate with new entrepreneurs who can install their business there for 2 months.

From inclusive books, to nose rings and jewelry, every product or service comes with a story, a meaningful journey to share. And we are more than happy to support these types of businesses.

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