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We make your future tangible.

FutureKind Presentations

Browse our selection of trend presentations below, to be delivered in-house or virtually. Depending on your needs we can create bespoke presentations based on your sector or business. We work together with trends platform LS:N Global and The Future Laboratory for many topics and insights. 

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We deliver inspirational oxygen for your teams.

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FutureKind Foresight Academy


Never underestimate the power of inspiration. In our sessions we keep your teams updated with the trends, drivers and disruptors in your industry. Extra oxygen for your marketing, strategy, creative, insights, R&D and/ or research teams.

The (half)yearly or quarterly  FutureKind Foresight Academy sessions will help you and your teams stay ahead of competition and keep your brand future proof. We create immersive insights sessions to answer the most compelling issues of tomorrow. Our foresight specialist are happy to set up a specific program based on your needs; in house, specific futures tours, bespoke exhibitions, ...

 Interested in learning more? 

Futures Presentations

Our dynamic and inspiring presentations enable you to experience our foresight and future trends through the lens of your own business

Combining data analysis, desk research and expert insights based on the futures subject of your choice, we create presentations or tailor our futures presentations to suit the needs of your business. Our visually arresting multimedia presentations demonstrate exactly how future trends, markets and consumer thinking can be applied to your category – and your brand.



To share your brief or to discuss dates and bookings, get in touch below.

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