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Consumers are changing.
Change faster.

Paars themaportret

Understand consumer behaviour and lifestyles

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Will your current target audience still be relevant in 3 – 5 years? How will your audience develop and evolve through a new area? How will you keep the customer invested in your brand and how can you create products or services that your consumers will want and need for the years to come?

We will help you visualize the future through the eyes of your consumers, with detailed insights of how they’ll think, feel and behave the coming years.


Future consumer view

We issue future consumer research, analyse trend and lifestyle forecasts and use our expert consultancy services to create a rich future customer view based on your business needs. This unique visualization enables you to anticipate big lifestyle shifts and develop products and services that meet consumer needs.

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Global Trends & Insights

We have an exclusive partnership in Europe with one of world's most renowned trends platform LS:N Global and The Future Laboratory. Together with our own foresight specialists we can offer a unique view on consumer lifestyles, society and many other domaines. 

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Cultural Science

We deep dive into the cultural references of today's and tomorrow's communities, synthesise the drivers of change, add industry context and a designer's eye on Culture and Creativity to identify future aesthetics and cultural insights.  

Forecast research

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We collaborate with research partners, out-of-the box innovator panels, data scientists, peer review processes and experts in different sectors to explore or validate our findings. This process involves stress testing or thinking through critical debate.

"If you want to hack a brand,
hack culture first"

Ana Andjelic, author of the Business of Aspiration

Community persona's and strategies

We believe that communities, not individuals, are the new unit in marketing

Consumer personas are like horoscopes. “Sarah is careful with her spending, but under right circumstances is willing to splurge on herself if the mood strikes her.” Read carefully, and psychographic profiling is full of generic, unverifiable, ambiguous, and often contradictory language that supports a number of interpretations.

No two persons are exactly alike, even those that buy the same products, choose the same brands, and like the same content. People are communities they belong to.

Instead of focusing on individuals, we focus on their relationships and look at the communities they belong to. We identify your specific future communities and engage with them to create new products, services and go-to-market strategies.  

Na het sporten

"People are communities they belong to."

Interested in discovering how your future customer looks like?

We're happy to share our learnings and insights. 

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