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Together we create
a kind tomorrow

We live in accelerated and unprecedented times. We face more than ever societal, economic and ecological shifts demanding businesses and brands to adapt and regenerate. Strategic foresight is the most valuable tool to identify and chart the course for a kind future, one of growth and long-term prosperity for all.


At FutureKind we turn foresight into strategic programs that aligns current business objectives with future scenario's. We equip our clients with cultural insights, strategic implications and solutions that enable them to navigate change, unlock opportunity and thrive in a world of continuous uncertainty. 

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FutureKind Foresight Framework

Our framework helps harness future thinking, map future behaviour and study those innovations – or early adopter opportunities – that differentiate brand leaders from category followers.

It contextualises contemporary culture for businesses. We offer clients a rich point of view on the future, highlighting influences of change, opportunity and challenge.

To determine the key drivers of change affecting the future of our clients’ consumers and their businesses, we start by harnessing the combined human and data power of LS:N Global and our Foresight Research System.

Image by Brands&People
Image by Brands&People

Book a strategic clinic

Learn how to prepare for future growth


Our strategic foresight clinics offer you a unique view on your future consumer and behavior in a world of continuous uncertainty.

Prepare for tomorrow and build your framework today. Contact us to book your 30-minute clinic with our strategy directors and let us help define your future. 

Strategic Programmes

Our 5 strategic programmes provide future-first strategic solutions for today’s brand and business challenges.


They are designed to uncover the most commercial and culturally relevant solutions, so our clients can build strong futureproof brands, marketing platforms for growth, identify key innovation opportunities, set long-term vision and build a more sustainable strategic approach for the future now.

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